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February 29, 2012


iPads for orangutans.

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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I can see donkey kong being a big hit.

And I bet they find a way to toss virtual feces.

Oook! Oook! Dve Barry. WBAGNFARF! OOOOOOK!

Orangutans at the Toronto Zoo could soon be playing ‘Angry Birds’ with the rest of us.

Oh, I doubt they're that stupid.

Gonna have a Skipe session with apes frum another planet state, eh?

Sez, "That should be fun ..."

... um ... sumhow I'm thinkin' not ... d'ruther be nibbled to death by Muscovy ducks, actually ...


RIP Davy Jones of the Monkees.

OTOH, perhaps a post about a Monkee on an orangutan thread isn't that much OT.

Oook APE! not Mnokey!

Yup, them Great Apes is perty intelligent ... I heard of one that wuz so smart he got an appointment to Annapolis ... he said (well, signed) that he'd always wanted to be a Naval Orang ...

This explains YouTube video comments....

"Take your stinking paws off my iPad, you damned dirty ape!"

There's an ape for that.

*snork* @ coconuts

I would like to chart how long those iPads last in the orangutan enclosure against the average life span of my teenager's cell phone and/or iPod. As a measure of relative evolutionary levels.

Future headline:

Apes Dating And Mating Via IPad's Zoosk and EHarmony

These are not the Androids you're looking for.

Ape porn, no doubt.

Don't make me tell the "who's the smartest primate in the room?" gag again.

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