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February 28, 2012


Semi Rollover Spills Toilet Paper, Closes 35E in St. Paul

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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MnDOT emergency crews closed down lanes of traffic while ferral cats, drawn to the wreckage, were busy scratching the rolls down to manageable bits for debris removal.

Can't they get some of those wacky toilet paper eaters from 'My Strange Addiction'?

I heard that several people were arrested for attempting to squeeze the toilet paper.

It was all the police on the scene could do to keep looters from squeezing the Charmin.

Curse nursecindy and her quick little fingers

Toilet paper was on its way to Butte, Mt.

So I guess it was a soft landing?
Unless it was Scott paper. In that case, it sanded all the pavement off the road.

Did it roll over or under?

*snork* @ layzee

Great Scott!

Would this qualify as a wipeout?

"35E in St. Paul" WBAGNFA cheerleader.

GMTA wingnut.

there needs to be crackdown on these crackups

"Can You See through Your Toilet Paper Spill?"

Updated commercial for Brawny Towels....

Truck driver (on cell phone): "Yeah ... I just dumped my load on 35E ..."

Dispatcher: "Ya want me to send sum toilet paper?"

TD: "Nevermind ..."

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