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February 29, 2012


Snooki is pregnant.

(Thanks to David Emery and Jeffrey Brown)


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Does this mean she'll be on ANOTHER "reality" show,
most likely Maury, trying to find out the babies daddy?


Oy. Could we speed up the delivery of the asteroid?

Is it possible to bleach the DNA and give this kid a fighting chance?

I been home all month. Ain't been near her.


I'm sure I speak for all of th blog when I say that that is a relief to know.

Who cares. She's not the first woman in the world to be pregnant

just another dumbass kid will be born. maybe they will be home schooled with the kardashians.

But who is the father? Is it this Jionni kid, or did one of the sperm whales (whose semen makes the ocean salty, at least by Snooki's reckoning) get really lucky?

padraig, can you tell me how to pronounce padraig?

padraig, I believe it said she's THREE months along.
Can you account for that time?
And how drunk were you?

I am crossing my fingers that Snooki's denial is true.

And what kind of dim bulb spells Johnny as 'Jionni' anyway (assuming that it isn't actually pronounced "Fred")?

She could prolly do a four hour DNA special on Maury Povich.

I will be reminded of where by the vomit that I couldn't clean from the carpet.

*decides it's time to crawl back under his rock*

Judi, according to my Irish family members Padraig pronounced "Pawrig" or "Pawdrig".

Good god, will the madness never end ?!


Hey, I'm just trying to call Snooki's kid using the proper reference....

Civilization is surely doomed.

Lots of internet rumors that a famous author could be the baby daddy...

Jeff, I thought Jionni might be Italian, but I saw an Italian website asking what kind of dumbass spells Giovanni 'Jionni'.

I'm sure she and the pig-headed dog monster will be very happy together.

Pregnant with what?

judi/cindi, a simple "PAH-dreg" will suffice.

For your next assignment, practice saying "Beannachti na feile Padraig!" You have 17 days to master that.

(BAH-neck-tee nuh FAIL-uh PAH-dreg)

Can social services step in now and start the paperwork? save some time I mean.

judi/cindi.... I wouldn't say that until you get a solid translation. No telling what kind of promises you're making!

Nah ... go for it ... it's a harmless little phrase that indicates a mild, yet polite, degree of affection ...

Whut? I'm Irish. Would I lie?

"it's a harmless little phrase that indicates a mild, yet polite, degree of affection"
That's what they told Snooki...

It worked out so well for Rosemary.

I believe it means Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Spoiler! Elon ... I wuz gonna use that fer a pickup line in 17 days ... dang! (Of course I could always use it on St. Urho's Day ... I doubt many Finlanders sprechen sie Irish ...)

Slan go foil!


Isn't it pronounced Fred?


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