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February 29, 2012


Dedicated TV channel for dogs entertains pets while owners are away

(Thanks to Mr. Ted Habte-Gabr)


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Insert obligatory Jersey Shore joke here

My first impulse was to come up with a Jersey Shore joke. Then I realized that even dogs wouldn't be "entertained" by that trainwreck.

Well, considerin' that dogs don't actually see the way we do, and sum scientific folks have said that they can't interpret images on a TV screen as anythin' relatin' to their real world* ...

and coupled with the fact that HSUS is endorsin' this concept ...

I'd be curious to know whut the real value of it might actually be ...

*Unless this wuz before HDTV brung "quality viewing" to the world ... in that case, nevermind that part, but retain my disdain for HSUS ...

has this been Lab tested?

I'm waiting for the Rude Noises Channel.

Ruh Roh. - 4 hours of Scooby Snacks.

Two words: Dog porn.


Yes, but they have not had a Cat scan done on it.

Or a PET scan, either, I bet. Sorry.

Based on careful observation of my dog and her behavior, the only TV programming she would appreciate is hours of footage of me, sitting at a computer, posting nonsense on this blog. Or at least she seems to spend a lot of time watching that sort of thing in reality.

I want this. Dog is fascinated by the TV whenever there's sound of puppies crying. The noseprints would be worth the other stuff he wouldn't get into.

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