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February 09, 2012


Woman with the longest fingernails in the world breaks them all in a car crash

(Thanks to Ralph)


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nasty. just nasty.
Question of the day - why?

I can't help wondering who dresses her, feeds her, and, um, all the other stuff of having a life.


Not to mention if she has to use toilet tissue, if you catch the drift!

How does she do anything? I mean, eat, get dressed and undressed?

Bet by now, she CAN'T do anything. If you haven't picked up a coffee cup in 30 years, your hands don't have the strength or coordination to do it now.

she was all cracked up...

and her nails also....

Be careful, she can still scratch your eye out...

Maybeh she was jest lazy....??? ya think???

The nails "didn't impact her life(style)" ... ?

As cited by several blogits, above ... oh, yeah? And she claimed she could still care fer her spouse?

On the bright side, she's still in the Guinness Book, as "the person with the longest fingernails to have them all snapped off at the same time, in an auto accident, and still survived the crash" ...

This happened three years ago. Does anyone know if she recovered? (Or if she started growing those nails again?)

She was on Ellen a few years ago (before you say anything, I was home and Mrs. Layzee was watching it). She demonstrated how she did a lot of things, including the use of TP.

*gotta bleach that imagery frum the memory banks ... GOTTA!*

It's not in the same league, but I fractured an eyelash once.

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