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February 02, 2012


Malaysian Zulkifli bin Hir, or Marwan, who was on the US FBI's most wanted list with a $5m (£3.2m) reward offered for his capture, was reported killed.

(Emphasis added, for emphasis)


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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First reports are that he was shot in the thigh...

Talk about UNoriginal...

town of Parang on Jolo island, Sulu province, in the Mindanao region

"Chloe...download the coordinates. NOW!!!"

Whut's in a name?

A booger, by any other name ...

I guess now all that will be left is his Mummy.

5°55'00.00" N 120°55'00.00" Elev 165 ft

They killed Marwan! The b@stards.

Yeah, I hear he was going to be in the new 24 film.

Now Jack will have to fight another...wait, when has death of a concept or character EVER stopped Hollywood?


Montpilier! for old time's sake...

Zulkifli bin Hir? Is he like a Malaysian Kilroy or something?

Here lies the bomber, known as Marwan
Tracked down & murdered! bin Hir & gone


Now Jack will have to fight another...wait, when has death of a concept or character EVER stopped Hollywood?
Easy. Just swap out "Philipine commandos" for "Jack and Chloe" and voilá!

SULU Province?? You mean George Takei was involved?

Oh come on surely someone got the mummy ref.? Now Jack can't TOUCH him

*wild applause for ligirl*

*sniff* I miss Marwan.

Never fear, ofg. I'm hoteping he didn't really die.

If not a perimeter, then definitely the radius.

That's a pi in the sky notion.

The canisters are still missing.

As are the codes and/or suitcase nukes.

Let's crank this MFin' blog back up again!!!

Woohoo Jack is back, baby! But you should live blog The Following. An absurd show rife with laugh opportunities.


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