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February 29, 2012


There is now a plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia offering a "FaceTime Facelift," a medical procedure that, very specifically, aims to improve the way you look when video-chatting using the FaceTime app on the iPhone.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Surgery or hold the phone at a different angle? That's a tough one.

"Does this iPhone make my neck look flabby?"
"No. But I don't like the way your head comes to a point."

Didn't Unsightly Neck Flab open for the Stones?

cindy, or how about just talking on a 'normal' phone like 'normal' people who don't need to see the other person to know they are there?


Defiant Geezer

"And we’ve developed procedures to specifically address it."

I'm with Jeff. Get rid of the IPhone or use black electrical tape over the camera.

"We got your procedure right here" he says as he chucks the iPhone in the itrash can.

I've resisted getting an iPhone. I just have a plain cellphone that I can use if my stupid car breaks down. I'm making my EIGHTH trip back to the mechanic today. I'm ready for that posse. I do want an iPad though, and may break down and buy one soon. As I've mentioned before I'm cheap and easy thrifty.

I live in Northern VA and I can tell you for a fact that there are some folks around here,not including me of course, who could use some work in the facial area.

NC Should we send the Bikini Wax Mobile to vist your mechanic?

How about the ole paper bag over the head procedure ?

I'm with nursecindy and jeff. My DUMBphone works just fine, thank you. And, Jerizon, quit trying to get me to "upgrade" so you can charge me more each month for stuff I don't want.

Didn't Unsightly Neck Flab open for the Stones?

No. He's their lead singer.

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