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February 24, 2012


Deena, Sammi, Snooki eager to catch crabs on 'Jersey Shore'

(Thanks to funny man)


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"I never thought I'd be excited about catching crabs," Sitch confessed.

Well, in that case, why not go for full blown AIDS?

You might "catch" it anyway. And then you can start a
spinoff as you follow the "progress"....

Young people, these are not the heroes you should follow, worship or care about!

(heads back to geezer bus grumbling "and keep off my lawn, dammit!)

Ya wanna meet my leetle friends?

I'm not sure which is more sad; there are people who want fame so much that they'll act like this, or there are people who will give them that fame by watching.
But the ones I really can't stand are those who will do anything for fame and then complain that people won't leave them alone.
Now, go away. I vant to be alone.

Ahh! My brain! Why in hell did I think it was a good idea to click that link.

what a whorer show

Thanks Elon. I won't be clicking on that link.

"legit criminal"

That about says it all.

And speaking of Snookster & her pals, you'll be happy to hear they've been banned from Newark.

My experience I heard a little A200 will take care of that.....

Huh I really thought they would be the ones giving them rather than catching them!

They already have a permanent population. Pets for their pets?

Have you ever wondered why there are pubic lice and head lice ? Union rules ?

Sometimes 140 characters is way TMI...

I have a fgeeling they are already familiar with certain types of crabs.

I also have a "feeling."

Hope it's not an itchy sort of fgeeling.

Sgadly, it is.

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