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February 29, 2012


Seattle donut shop cited for flies, rat poop, snails

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Donut + escarot = barf.

The flies flew, the rats ran, but the snails were caught red handed.

BTW - stay away from the donuts with the shiney glaze and the chocolate sprinkles.

I'm betting the snail donuts were not popular down at the station house.

Vanessa Ho? Really? Mr. Blog, you violated your strict policy!

I thought the snails worked there. The help takes a very very very long time there.

The FDA trainers went through a short-lived "soft" era when we state people were advised to sympathize with establishment owners and work to "educate" them.
My opinion was that most were already educated.
We did an exercise where the owner had repeated serious violations which had not been corrected. We were to develop a plan for correction.
What they wanted was for us to be friends with the offender and spend several days showing them how compliance would be better.
My plan was simple: 1. Inspect and document the violations. 2. Tell the owner I'd be back in one week.
3. If the violations had not been corrected, suspend his permit and close the firm.
The instructor looked at it and said, "Well, I guess that would work."
"I guarantee it" I said.

Exaclty my thots, Punkin ... I don't care if I'm @ Sandy's in West Fargo (the best donut shop between Chicago and Seattle, I've been told) ... no more sprinkles ...

Seattle is a pretty wet place. I have to set snail traps or they eat my garden.

Oh, and...

We got rat poop snails and flies
Doo-dah, Dooh-dah

Hey, that Bavarian just moved.

Mrs. Donutwhole? Yes, this is Inspector Lumachi. We have your boy down at the station here on a flies, rat poop, and snails charge ...

That Inspector sure do get around ... he's almost his own CSI squad ...

Yeah, but time for coffee and donuts now. 10-7 at the cafe'.

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