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February 27, 2012


Star Wars in Swedish causes fan outrage

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Fjords of misery!

There, Dan S.! Take that!

I think the appearance of Jar Jar Binks should be enough to cause rioting (not to mention vomiting) in any language.

Maybe he was worried about how subtleties subtitles would appear in 3-D.

"Edlund has questioned if director George Lucas is just trying to earn more money..."

umm... duh?

it's finnished

What are they so upset about? I mean c'mon....they got Anastasios Soulis and Nick Atkinson, after all.

Dr.Sheldon Cooper would be appalled.

To borrow from the Naked Gun series, "Star Wars 3D-Beating a Dead Horse".

“It fills me with disgust,” wrote daily newspaper Aftonbladet’s Magnus Edlund.

As opposed to government?


Rose Nylon?

"These are not the fegergenheim you are looking for"

Just doesn't have the same feel....

"Børk! Børk! Børk! Dropping the bomb into the Death Star port be no harder than chickee in de baskey...Two points!"

"Aftonbladet’s Magnus Edlund" WNBAGNFARB, but it could work for an underwear label.

Snork @ Allen.

" Use the Lutefisk, Luke ! "

Stilted Swedish Illiterates wbagnfa ... um ... nevermind, ABBA already covered that one ...

(And a hearty HAR! @ Clankie!)

I have to see this. Jørk Jørk Binks. Tu Points!

Since the language spoken in the movies is theoretically Galactic Basic, it can be translated into Swedish as justifiably as English. The big question is whether they will translate the other languages in the films into Swedish, including the Quechua and Finnish.

But the aliens sound so much more convincing in English!

Ralph ... I've heard it said that most of the "other" Scandinavians do NOT consider "Finnish" to actually be a language (it's considerably different than the rest of 'em, roots out of eastern Asia, IIRC?) ... merely sayin' ...

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