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February 27, 2012


Here's a story with a photo. But you might not want to click on it.

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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Might? Did you say might?

I might not want to eat breakfast now either.

Nice capture, however.

ha ha. mentally ill people sure are funny.

oh, and fat people are ugly too.


I thought she was wearing dress shoes. Kudos to him for not pressing charges. Obviously she is having some mental problems.

WHAT a BUST ! ! ! !

^the windshield, that is

We laugh because we care, mudstuffin. I have a seizure disorder that kept me out of the military, and when I told this to a friend, he said "they should have used you for target practice". Maybe you hadda be there, but it was funny.

o/t but, I sincerely hope no bloggers have children at Chardon High School in Ohio. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the children that were shot. back o/t.


Pass the eye bleach please.

Although, if this is part of a new exercise regimen for this woman, I will personally buy her a 1973 LTD she can use as her step platform.

Somethings cannot be unseen.

Um..I'd rather watch Star Wars. In Swedish.

Is "Visual Assault" a valid legal concept?

o/t: NC, I agree. What kind of cretin shoots kids at school? My prayers go out also. I hope justice is swift, accurate, and prevails. end o/t.

She wasn't naked; she had shoes on. Good thing, too.

You are right, I didn't want to click it. When I did, there was a loud scream that emanated from my eye sockets as my eyeballs melted and pooled into a burning, bubbling puddle on my desk.

There goes my photography career.

Somewhere in heaven, Peter Paul Rubens is lusting.

Not that much, Steve ... not that much ...

As they said in Spinal Tap, there's a fine line between clever and stupid. In this case, I wonder about that fine line between unhinged and intoxicated.

This is why we have federal standards for auto glass.

Might not want to look? It's Frisco. Might not be a woman, but some facsimile.

At last, we know the identity of the person in this famous clip. Watch the pose of the subject at about 11-12 seconds into the film.

The Paterson Bigfoot footage.

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