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February 27, 2012


You CAN live forever... as long as you are a flatworm, say scientists

(Thanks to The Perts)


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So Flat Stanley has a shot at immortality.

Growing a new brain?

Can we crossbreed 'em with [insert name of most un-favorite politician here] ... ?

"They are able to asexually divide and ..."

That's it. I'm out!

That's pretty good that they grow a new brain. Live forever,hmmm I don't know if that sounds good.

It's a good thing this blog will not make fun of Dr Aboobaker's name. The Muslims would not like that.

But with the Blog's luck, he'd wind up in some high school biology lab where some teenager cuts his head in half, and each half replaces the missing half and he winds up with two heads.

betcha aboobaker makes wicked halloween cookies

Humph. If you count continuity of cellular existence as being "immortal", we've all been immortal since our first ancestor formed in the ocean or a hot, sulfurous mud hole.
You only die if you leave no offspring.
Personally, I don't feel like leaving.

Maybe if you eat flatworms? Hey, beats hell outta drinkin' blood.....

Does this explain Cher?

On the other hand, what does a flatworm have to live for ?

I'm immortal....so far.

You can get grants forever, as long as you are a scientist, say flatworms.

Does this explain Barry Manilow's plastic surgery?

Flat worms. Political Action Committees. Same same.

Tapeworms and liver flukes are flatworms. Don't think I want them to live forever. Just sayin'

Kind of like Ombra...

They are confident a single worm which did not divide would live forever – unless it catches an infection or another illness.

In other news, the cause of the fire was heat.

Nah, I'm with you, Theresa. Forever is WAY too long to endure the existence that's evolving on this speck of dirt.

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