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February 28, 2012


36 Cars Through Ice at Wisconsin Fishing Tournament

(Thanks to funny man)


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The bad news: 36 cars were lost.
The good news: They were all Chevy Volts.

I hope somebody goes up and fishes padraig out of the lake.

Lake Wobegon strikes again. And again. And again...

Bet the local mechanics are canceling their Easter plans.

The Indian name for the lake shouldt have been a clue it was a bad place for a tournament. "Lake That Swallows Your Automobile Even Your Winnebago."

They all fell "sucker" to the "Park here for free"
signs the local high school prankers placed on the ice.

Actually Winnebago is Huron for "feeds the Hungry Lake"....

Look, it's been a realllllly long winter up here.

Didn't the Blackbyrds do a song called
"Parking Walking On Thin Ice"?

"Hey, may, look what I caught!"
"Dang. What kind of bait were you usin'?"

Car pool.

*sigh* If the temperature is above 32 degrees, things MELT, people!! MUST we go over this year after year???

Up here on Lake Winnipesaukee we usually lose several cars, snow mobiles and one sea plane per winter.

Is the upland boating tournament still on for next week?

Wait'll they move westward for the eelpout festival @ Walker, Minnesnowta ... as disgustin' as those fish are, they've prolly got the good sense to throw the cars back ... unlike the fisherpersons, who actually keep any "lawyers"* they catch ...

*Affectionate Minnesnowta name for that handsome example of piscatorialness ...


Winnipesaukee... I would get a hernia just saying that. much less spelling it.

Punkin, seaplane? Aren't those supposed to float?

So wuz the Titanic, wiredog ...

Now this is a traditional American sport -- automobile drowning.

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