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February 29, 2012


But in fact it is art.

(Thanks to manual tomato, who says "A plastic replica would have done just fine.")


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I have an art boulder twice that size I'll let go for a mere $5 million.

The 680,000-pound boulder is so large that work crews from about 100 utility districts will have to take down traffic signs, overhead wires and other obstacles to let the rock pass and then reinstall them later.
I hope the moron who thought this was a good idea artist is paying for all this.

it's frikken LA, where garbage is art.

nurse, it says in the article that the entire project is being paid for by private individuals. no tax dollars at work.

"Passing a boulder" --I'll remember that the next time I'm constipated. THanks for the imagery.

Is this what they mean when that older insurance company wants you to "own a peice of the rock"?
At first, I thought they said "own a peice of the rot"
which made no sense, unless they were talking politics.

Near where I grew up in Eastern Kentucky, there was a mobile home with a boulder in the back yard. This boulder was about 20 feet high and 20-25 feet wide. It sat about 15 feet away from the home.
It was a minor tourist attraction because of the nose of one of the homeowner's cars sticking out from under the boulder. Her other car was completely under it and not visible.
The boulder had rolled down the hill in the night, flattening her cars and stopping just short of the home.
She reportedly didn't hear a thing.

Rock on.

*SMACKS* funny man. It's PIECE. Mud, my ADD kicked in and I didn't read the entire article. My parents had a large rock in their backyard when they bought their first house. My dad was determined to get rid of the rock and decided the best way was to smash it with an iron bar. Don't ever hit a rock with an iron bar. He vibrated like a tuning fork for a week. btw, the rock is still there.

I just hope they don't drop it and break it.

It is not possible for me to trust anything relating to this "story" ... one glaring error in the "reporter's information" that is refuted by the map displayed.

The so-called "reporter" sez "four counties" ... and the map shows only three ...

Now, if a werd professional can't even count, and fails to use the fingers of one hand to aid that process ... how can they be trusted? (Rhetorical question.)

Nope. This art/rock does not exist. Unless it wuz brung by a UFO?

Don't take art for granite. Something like this was done 100 years ago in New York City using 28 horses (download the PDF file for the full story & photos).

Wow. Heavy, man! And it IS art - natural, incredible beauty. :)

California - land of fruits and nuts.

...and boulders

... and flakes ...

Hey, you culture-vultures need to be appreciative of "art" like this! After all, it's only a few miles away from my PirateCave.

I wonder if Sly Stone will sing at the dedication? (If he is sober enough to get out of the car he is currently living in.)

Will Sharon Stone break a bottle of wine over it as she officially names it Rosetta?

Sadly, Kate Moss will not be able to attend, due to problems with a rolling stone and something about gathering...

Hi, PB ... so ... did this "artist" pay fer this rock that belonged to San Bernadino County ... or did he merely do whut a lotta tourists do, and put it in his pocket as he wandered around the countryside?

Well ... y'all know whut I mean ... this "found art" concept is sumtimes quite a scam to excuse sum "artists" frum stealin' stuff ...

Sign me, "Embarrassed to be a Los Angeleno."

Oh the Ewe: The best thief on record in San Bernardino has to be Mike "I failed my GED 5 times while incarcerated" Tyson. He was caught shoplifting from a candy store in Big Bear. His handlers said "You don't understand. Big Mike doesn't use money. He takes what he wants, and then we're supposed to pay for it. We missed him pocketing that candy."

Yeah, right. My guess is Mike Tyson doesn't use money because he doesn't know how to do anything except, perhaps "take a bite out of crime."

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