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February 28, 2012


At Meine Kleine Farm, consumers can see a picture of the pig they're eating on the packaging. They can even choose which pig will be slaughtered to make their sausages.

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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The only pig I picture when I'm eating pork is the Geico pig that's on the zip line in the commercials. I keep hoping his zip line or street luge ends in a Honey Baked Ham store.

tsk. not kosher. other than that, i dont want to meet it.. or meat it... first. i just wanna eat.
i dont wantta pick out the lobsters in the fish tank either, for that matter.
pass the butter and salt.

Mon amie! I am shocked, and very upset!

How barbaric! Kermie, make it go away!

I draw the line at a talking pig who can tell me that he wants me to eat him.

Horace..does it remind you of the first Austin Powers movie? Does me, for some strange reason....

SNL did a skit like this with Akroyd, Laraine Newman and Gilda Radner. I think it was the "Dale Slater's Rabbit Hut" where you came in and picked your rabbit and they did the deed for you.

Used to have a neighbor who sold a breed of goat that was popular with people of a certain religion that lived in the area. They would come out on Saturday with the whole family packed in a car, pick the goat they wanted, he would hang it up by its back feet and slit its throat, they would wrap it in a sheet and throw it in the trunk.

Dish of the Day at Milliway's.

What picture is on the package of butt roast?

When I was growing up back on the farm we never needed no picture to tell us which animal we was eating. I still remember Alex (a 3-baller) years later, both his taste and his face.

What picture is on the package of butt roast?
Kim Kardashian?



Not only Sat. Night Live but HITCH HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. In that the diners talk with the beast who suggests which part of him to eat.

Reminds me of an old joke, the punchline of which is:

"Now you wouldn't want to eat a fine pig like that all at once, would ya?"

The wurst is yet to come.

They can even choose which pig will be slaughtered to make their sausages.

Unless, of course, you piss off the Sausage Nazi.

"No Wurst fer You!"

So don't ask for bacon, napkins, or bread.

No, no, no, NC. Too plump.

Pick me pick me pick me,...wait, where are we going?

I'll have the Ted Nugent signature feral swine, please, and my friend will have the Trump roast.

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