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February 02, 2012


Dirty diaper blamed for grounding Australian passenger plane

(Thanks to funny man)


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How is it you can handle the smelliest, dirtiest diaper from your own kids but from anyone else's kid you want to lose your lunch?

It may not have been a kids diaper wingnut.

Gee thanks. I am about to leave Aussie for NZ and now I have to worry about terrorist diapers.

What do little old ladies smell like? .......Depends.

Sneaky way to cover up the pilot's bong.

This only gets kinky if there were no infants on board.

As it was a diaper stuck in the toilet, then an American must be responsible. If it had been a nappy instead, then you'd know an Australian did it. :-)

The plane wuz obviously had too big a load ...

All passengers will now be required to pass through a multi-million dollar doody detector at security.

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