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February 09, 2012


It's interesting, and moving: The 9/11 boatlift from Manhattan.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Excellent! Well worth watching. Thanks, Dave.

Wow. Fantastic. Thanks, Dave.

Things like this restore your faith in mankind. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing Dave and Jeff.

I was stunned by the statement toward the end that the boats took FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE off Manhattan that day.

Yes, that's what makes this entire endeavor so boggling to the mind ...

That surprised me too Dave. This is absolute proof there are angels here on earth. I loved the part where the executives helped the elderly woman and her seeing eye dog onto a boat. Now if everyone will excuse me, I have to go buy some more Kleenex.

500K in 9 hours .. stunning. Jeff and Dave, thank you for sharing. Can't believe I've never seen this video before. Thank you, NY boat captains!


Not that the idea takes away frum the magnitude of this accomplishment in the slightest degree, but the comparison to the Dunkirk rescue has one aspect that's sumwhut ... um ... differentiating ...

The German army wuz shootin' at people then ... altho, the apprehension of these boat captains & others must've approached that fear of sudden and surprising danger ... nope ... my analogy holds a bit true, but not as much as I'd thot @ first ...

Still a Heckuva deal ... in local perspective, that'd be similar to evacuating the entire population of Wyoming, by boat, in nine hours ... (or about 85 percent of Nodak folks) ... still boggles the mind ...

Not cool to have my staff see me in tears at my desk....

IS cool, WVp' ... means y'all care ... & now they know it ...

Ditto, Dave.

I would never compare it to Dunkirk, where they were under fire from the Germans and had to make it across the Channel, but 500,000 is an amazing number.

I see that O and I are on the same page here.

Well ... yeah, but ... I wuzn't borned yet when Dunkirk happened, or Pearl Harbor ... and I did experience 9/11 on a personal basis ... so ... they're different, but not that much ...

Still amazin' ...

The world is full of heroes.
Most haven't had their moment, yet.
You won't know you're a hero until you're called on.
Then, you still won't know it.
Others will.

Thanks, Jeff and Dave. Heartwarming.


Thanks for posting this. I never knew before about the boat lift. Although I am a Canadian living in Vancouver, 9/11 affected me deeply. I lost two friends and business acquaintances in the attack.

And September 11 happens to have been (post tense) my birthday...my family knows that date is never again celebrated in our house.

Stupidly I forgot to change my posting name back from a previous joke entry where I went as hanging chad.

So, Afkat ... how they hangin' ? ? ?


I own a condo in FL but can't vote. But if Dave was to announce his bid for prez, I have at least 200 friends and associates (many of whom are dead, but hey...it's Illinois), to boost his campaign.

In all seriousness, looking at the current crop of hopefuls for prez, including the Obamessiah...geez, you're a country of over 300 million. Is this the best that you can do?

Considering the current slate, it strikes me, as an outsider, that you guys could do far worse than having Dave as prez....

Sad to say, Af' ... it's the best that's bein' offered ... not the best we've got ...

The intelligent ones are too smart to let their ownselfs be shoved into such a demandin' job ... after all, if they control the White House, why should they actually live in it ... ? (Rhetorical question)

Yep. Dave (or a host of other folks) would be a better choice ... but the only way we get to cast a ballot fer the good (?) ones is with a write-in vote, which is essentially a protest vote, when folks realize their particular precinct/state is a foregone conclusion (either way), and their franchise is essentially meaningless ... so they get the miniscule satisfaction of denyin' either of the two main doodyheads their support ...

Honestly, there's been many times I've thot about the Parliamentary system as mebbe bein' better than whut we've got ... but short of movin' about 150 miles north of here (how much is that in metric?), I'm sure I'll never experience the joys of electin' politicians that y'all have ...

Never heard of this before. Should have been in the MSM by now. Should be shown in schools. Keyboarding while crying.

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