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February 23, 2012


A stick figure man with a giant phallus dubbed "the little horny man" by its discoverers is the oldest rock carving found yet in the Americas, researchers say.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins, who says, "Soon to be a major motion picture starring Dominique Strauss-Kahn.")


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The figure's phallus is about 2 inches (5 cm) long, or about as long as the man's left arm.

Gonna have to think about that one.

Of course, it was carved by a GUY.

all I see is Homer Simpson's face off to the right


Yeah, I don't see it.

Stick figures are not exactly "art".

and we don't know who or what carved it.

Wishful thinking prehistoric aliens, maybe?

I'm not seeing it either. It looks more like a cheerleader with pom poms to me.

Looks like George Washington if you ask me.

too many jokes, too little time..

I don't see it. It looks more like Dave's dehydrated lizard than any thing else.

Those archaeogists were out in the woods too long.

I really don't see it as whut they claim it is, but I like his hat ...

Dave's Dehydrated Lizard WBAGNFARB, needless to add.

Why is it that whenever they find ancient porn, it's always associated with some fertility ritual? It was probably done by a bunch of drunk, virgin teenage boys who can't think or talk about anything else.

We hold the ancestors in such high esteem and purity. Times change. People? Not so much.

Drunk, virgin teenage boys (WBAGNFARB, BYW) scrawling things on a wall isn't a fertility ritual? Man, was I wasting my time, all those years ago.

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