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February 29, 2012


Two men held for stealing historic Chinese bridge

We include this purely for informational purposes: The duo, identified only as Mr Hong and Mr Wang, are both from Anhui province.

(Thanks to Kibby F5)


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Maybe they needed a bridge over troubled waters

The answer to: "How do Misters Hong & Wang cross the road?"

They were "stoned", or perhaps will be, after the sentencing.

I bet I know one stone he'd never steal...
a kidney stone!

so they had a lotta stones, eh?

The bridge wuz "found missing" ... ?

... um ... if it wuz "found" ... how could it be "missing" ? ? ?

... um ... apparently the stoopidness virus infecting English-speaking "journalists" has crossed international borders ...

No pictures of the missing bridge? Or the spot where it used to be?

Keep these guys out of Brooklyn!

They were suffering from Anhui.

If they're looking for a bridge buyer, I think the great state of Alaska is in the market.

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