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February 29, 2012


Brittney Henry, the real Miss Washington, says her crown, sashes and gowns were stolen from her car in Edgewood last night.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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An APB has been sent out for Dame Edna.

They won't get much for the crown at a pawn shop, maybe ten bucks tops.

PypeTad ate my comment!

I guess they don't like trannies...

Thank God her implants are safe

Miss Washington's stock photo is vaguely disturbing. She looks like a fresh dry-wall job - clean but featureless.

I agree, Omni ... "nice" ... but ... kinda like a blank slate? Or ... an ad man's "everywoman" icon?

NO, that's the real Miss Washington, her code name is
Bland Blond...

Who would steal a pageant sash, tiara, gown and purse?

I suspect runner up (#2) who would become Miss Bland er Washington if the real one is Unable to "perform:....

I suspect the best place to look for that stuff would be wherever the transvestite hookers hang out in Seattle. Because, like, who else?

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