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February 20, 2012


Norway driver stopped with five reindeer in car

(Thanks to Dave the Librarian)


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Massive props to the Norwegian journalist for his line, "None of the animals were wearing seatbelts."

Can we send him an invitation to join the blog???


They can't spell "Lappland" and they spell "alright" in an ALL WRONG way ... so how can we trust this "reporter" to actually have told us the truth about five reindeer in a vehicle ...

Y'know whut this means ... he already had eaten three of Santa's team!

No seat belts means Prancer is but one panic stop away from having antlers up his Vixen.

Do my eyes deceive me, or did the publisher on this story pixelate the reindeer's (reindeers'? oh, poop) ears? Is that where their brands might be, or are the ears protected in case of false association with the noses and antlers?

JSG ... I do b'leeve y'all R correct ... my guess would be that (this bein' supposedly a commercial operation in the raisin' of reindeer) ear tags or brands would be used, and they wuz obscured here, to protect the innocent reindeer frum bein' mistooken fer the other kind, the wild, outlaw-type reindeer ...

When reindeer are outlawed, only outlaws will have reindeer.

Is there a problem, officer?

Was Rudolph in there?

Alright, pull over. So what's with all the reindeer games?

I don't understand the fuss here; what if he had five dogs instead of five reindeer? They're both domestic animals. Norway has some strict laws about how many people you can carry, however.

Norwegian license plates cost a lot less for cars, vans, small trucks, etc. that carry only one or two passengers. They never have back seats, and anyone caught with extra passengers faces a really big fine. I was once given a ride from near Tromsø by a friend, while his eighty-year old father hid under a blanket in the back to avoid being spotted by the cops. I don't know if this would have worked with the reindeer.

Why, don't reindeer bring their father?

MTB, I salute you!

♫ Oh, Grandpa got pulled over
With some reindeer .... ♪

"... things went alright with the driver ..." ??!?

In what sense?

Wasn't this scene from an old blaxploitation film?

Pimp takes his "women" to work in a smaller burb?

Good one's Meanie! Wiredog stole my comment.

winner, winner for Meanie!

and not fer nuthin - it isnt a 'norway' driver, it is NORWEGIAN. why do these headlines always just say the name of the country. duh.

It's typical of the media, q'bee ... shorter werd saves space and ink ... (tho I gotta say that this one is 'too long' for a main head(line) ... but that's design & rewrite problems) ... also ... p'haps the driver is NOT of Norwegian ancestry ... but is IN the country of Norway ... so it's potentially a bit less subject to error ... if their geography skills exceed their ability to spell properly ...

Sorry this is not funny ...


Is "Five Reindeer Weekend" is a Norwegien pop group, much like the "Three Dog Night" in the U.S.?

Yet another difference between Norway and Afghanistan-- the attitude toward livestock riding in passenger vehicles.

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