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February 02, 2012


Police hold man on suspicion of stealing five tonnes of ice from a glacier in Patagonia to sell as designer ice cubes for cocktails

(Thanks to Meff Jeyerson)


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What's a tonne in metric? Is this a math test?

This'll be the first time global warming is used as a criminal defense. "It was just melting anyway..."

I still think this would make a good book for Dave and Ridley and/or Dave and Alan (Big Head) Zweibel.

Illicit Ice and the Glacier Thief

A tonne in metric is 42 Goldfarbs ... converted to Slobbovian, it would 105 Slobs ...

As to the glacier, if it wuz in the ocean, it would be an iceberg ... let us see whut's on the menu ...

It's a good thing the "theft" didn't occur within the U.S.

The FBI and EPA would have arrested watched this perp very closely!

But in Chili, won't all the evidence melt?

We're gonna need a bigger cocktail shaker.

Wasn't "Illicit Ice" the album Robert Van Winkle released while he was in prison?

(NICE hidden groaner, O!)

Clearly we need more vodka.

All he had to do was go on allrecipes.com to get the recipe to make his own.

tnx, Dd ... glad sumbuddy caught it ...

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