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February 29, 2012


A flying lawnmower.

(Thanks to The Perts)

Related Item: Lawnmower racing on ice.

(Thanks to Jim Morris)


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How else would I trim my trees?

O/T - Via the link, here are the "Most Popular Stories" on CBSNews.com:

01 Kim Kardashian goes makeup-less in Twitter photo
02 Ohio shooting victim's mom: He didn't deserve it
03 Ohio school shooting suspect "not well"
04 Romney holds off Santorum in Michigan, Arizona
05 Asteroid could pose threat to Earth in 2040

I weep for my country.

v/v the lawn mower races - and I quote - 'the traditional British sport of lawn mower racing'

I wonder if I could do the same thing with my truck?

Flying lawnmowers could really jazz up the Lawn Rangers routine.

From my flying days, I learned that there's a whole lot more to flying than mere lift. That machine showed no obvious controls for the fancy flying it was doing.
So either there was some kind of gyroscopic stabilization going on.
Or I call "fake".

Awesome Flying Lawnmower opened for Stawberry Alarm Clock.

Proof of alien tricknology! But, combine it with a Roomba, or John Deer and you've really got something!

as for the extreme lawn mower races, NASCAR will not be pleased. But they aren't in U.K. yet....

A few years ago there was an earlier version of this and, isianmtu, they managed to kill some guy at a football game where they were doing an "air show."

So I hope this one has better safety precautions, like, y'know, airbags or something.

Dug up the story of the flying lawnmower fatality:


So let's keep the new one out in the country, eh lads? (Although my teenager is possibly capable of putting a standard riding mower through a barrel roll.)

Airline Pilot (speaking over intercom): "Folks, we'll be landing soon, and so you know, we'll be using the grass area next to the runway. It may be touch and go, so enjoy the rest of your trip."

Where is the TSA when you need them?

" Chindogu "... I'll remember that next time I'm trying to think of an adjective for Congress.

OK, so I'm scratching my head (no, not lice). How exactly is this gonna cut your lawn?

It's only a traditional British sport because so many traditional British cars are indistinguishable from lawn mowers in terms of performance.

Coconuts: I don't know about the lawn, but I have already got a couple of great ideas for fast, discounted haircuts.

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