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February 27, 2012


Man arrested with TV in pants

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Is that a TV set in yer pants, or are y'all ... um ... wow, I dunno ...

Y'all wanna remember that the "19-inch" designation is by Minnesnowta system of measurement ...

"Don't mind the wart. Nothing to look at here..."

If you could see the baggy, droopy pants that the boys wear here at school you would believe it.

They could smuggle the whole senior class out of school in one pair.

But wouldn't the hash browns get grease all over the screen?

He wanted to brag about his "equipment", and was heard telling everyone, "Hey, I got 19 inches.."

OWADBH (Oh, what a dork be he...)

The officer also found other items, including a remote control, power cords and a bottle of brake fluid, on King.

A bottle of Xanax pills allegedly was found in his pocket.

Makes sense. Of course, you need the power cord and remote control to make the TV work. And you need the Xanax, with the brake fluid as a chaser, in order to watch Jersey Shore.

No raccoon?

i guess it gives new meaning to 'remote control...'

LOL at funny man. To fit all that stuff, I'm guessing this guy didn't sport the current style which hides nothing and is about to fall off entirely.

"Honey, no matter which button I press, the screen stays dark. This stinks!"

Yeah, but the reception is his pants is awful without cable.

Yes, but you can improve the reception by extending the antenna.

But, damn, his mustache looks good.

That moustache is NUTHIN' !!!

I had a cousin whose moustache wuz MUCH better than that ... but she wuz a senior in HS before it looked better than that one ...

at first, I thought the TV was the controlled substance

Damn, those must be some big@ss pants.

Thought for sure it was going to be Dirk Diggler

Now how in the world can a man stuff a 19 inch TV in his pants? Even if he was missing some of his anatomy parts and had a definite cavity there could I ever imagine a TV fitting in. Too funny.

It wuz a flatworm screen type ...

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