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February 24, 2012


Antonopoulos and his partners spent hours collecting papers from tax offices, the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the municipal service where the company is based, the health inspector’s office, the fire department and banks. At the health department, they were told that all the shareholders of the company would have to provide chest X-rays, and, in the most surreal demand of all, stool samples.

(Thanks to KJP)


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Huh? I'm trying to figure a way this could possibly be relevant but all I can come up with is WTFBBQ?

Uhmmm, NO! This makes absolutely no sense to me either.

Because if the US gummit keeps growing, starting an online business in Greece will be a cakewalk compared to doing it domestically. Regulations, fees and fines are expected to quadruple, I hear. (My source is a famous Muppet.)

I would gladly give a stool sample to any county, state or federal bureaucrat that asked for it. Been wanting to do it for years, actually. Most small business people know exactly how I feel.

I have a chest x-ray of me sitting on a stool. Two birds, one stone. I'm in Greek business!

Jeff, can you say "Waiver fee"?

The only reason I can think of for them needing a stool sample is to check for parasites. Maybe, since they're online businesses, they're just trying to reduce the chance of anyone getting a nasty computer worm.

Turds of Bureaucracy!

If someone wants to pull a copy of the incorporation documents, is part of the stool sample included?

All in all, I'd probably want to incorporate in Delaware or Nevada -- Maryland if I were forming a single member LLC.

They're obviously trying to make sure they'll have enough material out of which to make new politicians and bureaucrats.


*snorks at wingnut and Dan A.*

I got letters of thanks from businesses I had regulated before I retired. Why?
Simple, I made it a point to tell them I was there to help them do it right. I knew all the permits and approvals they needed, the phone numbers and names for people they needed to contact, and the order they needed to do this in.
I was available for them to call, night or day, and even drove out of state to help a dying client and his wife when they suddenly remembered the mess the wife would be left with (he died the next day).
Why? Human compassion and the fact that the easier I made it for them, the easier my work would be later.
I recommend this way of working.

So who wants to be the stool pigeon?

Does it specify that it has to be the actual shareholder's stool? I smell a loophole.

Huh and the Greek economy is in free fall and on the brink of bankruptcy?

The state of VA and the Feds keep sending me cattle stool samples. I'd say the Greeks are lucky to be sending a little to the government for a change.

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