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February 23, 2012


Man charged after cooking own meal at Denny's

(Thanks to jon harris and Scott Brown, who asks, "Does he end up in the Grand Slammer?")


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How long was I supposed to sit there and wait on them to do it?

Send him to Washington.

Exactly, Gary ... sounds a bit like the reason I never patronize that grease-supplyin' chain any longer ... sat in more than one where not a single "employee" would even acknowledge I wuz there ... and their food is sorta mostly "pre-cooked" so all they gotta do is nuke it and toss it on a plate ... NOT my idea of decent food, really ...

Gotta admire the initiative, but gotta question the choice of restaurants.

Although I have had both good and bad experiences at Denny's. The bad ones seemed consistently at a Southern location Denny's, which I no longer visit.

There are many times I wished I could cook my own. Some restaurants simply can't handle people. But then I don't have to tip if service is slow or non-existent.

Oddly enuf, f'm' ... one bad time wuz in SoCal, but the others wuz in Nodak, where our "servers" tend to be a bit more friendly and people-conscious ... bad food + bad service = no patronage, IMH-BLC-O ...

This reminds me of the time I tried to sneak my own food into the movie theater here where I live. My excuse was that the theater concession stand prices are outrageous and it had been a long time since I had a barbecue.

Among the charges was possession of an electric weapon...another new term brought to you by jurisprudence. It can also be applied to someone who throws a blender at you.

Next up...there will be a mandatory waiting period for purchases of "appliances" at the local adult toy store.

Gotta love this guy's initiative.

"Hi, corporate sent me here. I'm your new manager."
"But...I'm the manager."
"You were. Guess you didn't get the memo yet. Let me get right to work...but first, roo roo nothing goes down like a burger and fries. Oh, and just ignore the handgun on my belt."

Excellent, dude.

That bar is so low it's painted on the floor.

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