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February 28, 2012


Chickens Wearing Sweaters.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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They will have to stand in line behind the dogs and cats.

Ask yourelf, "What would Jesus Colonel Sanders do?

I saw them open for Meat Loaf.

I'm all for chickens wearing sweaters -- if by "sweaters," you mean the delicious batter applied immediately before frying.

I'm waiting for the "guy" blogs to say, "Chicks in sweaters!!!"

If you click the links back and back again, you find out this is a "hen and rooster" hospice where sick, battered (pun intended) and unattractive chickens and roosters are "rehabbed".

Does this mean that soon Sally Struthers or Pernell Roberts will be asking for $19 a month "to give these fowls the life they deserve"?

I am old school, and think we should "eat" our mistakes, so to speak, unless you are vegan etc...

I am very upset over this story. There are no links to the patterns!

It's the red bow that does it for me with hen number 1.

Here you go nc http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rescued-battery-hen-jumper

The downside to having too much spare time.

Thanks Jan. I love Ravelry and get a lot of patterns from them. btw, for other knitters: Here you go! They're free too.

alas, pernell robts is dead.
as for 'dressed chicken', i had an entirely different idea.
i like mines with a little biscuits and gravy, thank you.
not for crotcheting anything.

Come summertime, they'll doff the sweaters and give us a good look at their breasts thighs white meat dark meat feathers.

Boniest legs I've seen since Sunday night.

A family story tells of my SIL as a child getting a gift of a chick. Which she named "Mary" and which turned out to be a rooster with issues (IYKWIM).
Bet she would have done this if she'd had the skill.


I suspect fowl play.

Everybody's jumping on the Santorum bandwagon.

These must be for keepin' their breasticles warm, eh?

As a guy, I never thought I'd see a cute pecker, let alone think or say those two words together.

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