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February 27, 2012


...for Promiscuous Yeast.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Interestin' quote: " ... had partnered multiple times ..."

Sorta like Life Imitatin' Art, eh? (If one can term "drunken revelry" as "art" ... )

BE CAREFUL! Some yeasts will infect you because there is no protection!

Yeast ho's? The secret of Ho Ho's...

Good name for a rock band!?!

Didn't Promiscuous Yeast open for Bread?

The project head was Gavin Sherlock? Known in junior high, I'm sure, as "No-$hit Sherlock." Poor guy.

His yearbook entry reads "Boy most likely to study randy microorganisms."

dont let the republicans know about this.

There is yeast in beer. This explains a lot.

Promiscuity? What happened to the old-fashioned "this bud's for you?"

Did you hear the Doughboy's wife left him?
Couldn't stand any more yeast infections.

The yeast look better and better to each other as the night wears on.

Promiscuous yeast has other uses.

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