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February 21, 2012


Man's gun goes off in Walmart bathroom stall

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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We've all had premature discharge before. No big deal.

When he says _____ or get off the pot, he means it.

Well, if he's dumb enuf to carry a live cap under the hammer ... um ... I'm surely (not "Shirley") glad I'm not anywhere near AZ right now ...

If you're going to get the pi$$ scared out of you, there are worse places to be standing.
Hope he'd already started because if he hadn't, he did.

If you can't hit your target with five shots in a six shooter, you might want to consider doing everyone a favor and spending a bit more time at the practice range.

I wonder how many weapons have fallen into the Low Flow over the years.

well, it was a pistol in his pocket...

"Maintenance. We need a cleanup in the rear."

What's the problem? He probably still had enough ammo to foil a robery on his way out of Walmart. But seriously, a .357 and the guy can't keep it secure in the toilet?

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