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February 28, 2012



If you are thinking about running a family business feature in the near future, why not consider Knobby Knife, a device set to revolutionise the rubber industry.

If you would like any more information or a comment from Knobby Knife, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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Wouldn't this interfere with your Amway business Dave? I can't imagine that a rubber knife would be very effective.

Polished or unpolished?

Knobby Knives? Hat exactly is a Knobby?

And why would anyone need one? I'm sorry,
I'm an intelligent geezer guy.

We have different standards. Not many, but some.

Like, we don't buy what we don't knead, get it?
We like to keep eat our bread.

Reading the pitch, considering "rubber" as a synonym for condom, makes the prospect of a Knobby Knife much more alarming!

Knobby Knives are tire sharpening tools for the dirt bike industry.
Don't you people know ANYTHING?
I feel much better after I looked up what the heck it was. The things you learn from the Internet.
Shoot, now I want a dirt bike.

I would venture a guess Mr. Kaw-know-bee's first name is...Mack? I may be acutely wrong.

Knobby Knives are lotsa fun
Doo-dah, Dooh-dah,
I just gotta get me one,
Oh doo-dah day!

Well the rubber industry does need to be revolutionized, they haven't done much innovative since the menthol condom fiasco, but I'm not sure the "knobby knife" is the way to go.

I can't believe I am the first blogger to mention this, but, WBAGNFARB...

I don't know Kobby Knife. I do know Knobby Walsh.

Geezer bus leaving in 5 minutes, people!

*tryin' desperately to resist temptation to ask if they'd need to polish the knife after they use it on the dirt tires ... resistin' ... tryin' ... um ... whew! Made it!*

Their website states: "KnobbyKnife regains lost gripping performance on used dirt bike tires."

You know, just last night, I was lying awake, worrying that my used dirt bike tires had lost their gripping performance.

Oh, wait! I wasn't. Nevermind!

But Mrs. PirateBoy says I need a new knobby. Perhaps stamp collecting? Perhaps a quick trip to the KnobbyLobby craft shop...

Oh, *hobby*? Well, double-nevermind!

Florida police arrest naked man armed with Knobby Knife. Claims to be father of Jersey Shore cast member's baby.

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