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February 21, 2012


Guard your knockers.

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Greg Snow)


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And stop knocking your guarders, lest somebody nick your knickers.

From somewhere in Transylvania: What!! Knockers?

If they catch 'em, they'll be knackered.

*Rememberin' an old "comedy" album a college buddy had ... "Knockers UP!" ... Rusty Warren wuz the comedienne, IIRC ...*


Isn't it nice to know that Allen at Division and Greg Snow are so interested in door knockers? That is what you both were looking for when you found this right?

I'm not absolutely certain, but this story does sort of ring a bell.

"“If I still had a knocker up, I would take it off...."

Even if I wanted to knocker up, mine isn't removble.

'Captain Korn & the Stolen Blood Hand Knocker' ???!


- i Used to like captain korn......'til i got cookoo for coco puffs

I sent it in waiting for the
link to Gene Wilder...

That, and I'm always interested in knockers.

I love that clip! Always a great pleasure to gaze again, on Teri in her prime glory ...

I loved that movie too. They don't make good movies like that anymore.

That's why there's cable ... with reruns ... n'cin' ...

And DVDs ...

Sumtimes, even with the mere several hundred channels we've got on the "medium" bundle, there are NO movies werth watchin' ... 'tother day I wuz reduced to watchin' sum inane teeny-bopper-bubblegummer thing when nuthin' else wuz even that good ...

That's when I do crosswerd puzzles ...

^...or there's always sudOHktheU...

I don't do numbers.

Or windows. (Well, I'll stop doin' Windows when I get my Mac fixed.)

There IS a market for old knockers-- just check the internet.

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