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February 18, 2012


Mars, inc., the maker of Snickers, Twix and M&M's, has announced that by the end of next year, it will stop selling chocolate products with more than 250-calories in them.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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So, smaller portions and higher prices. Halloween candy all year 'round.

The food Nazis strike again.

Exactly right, Horace. As usual the consumer gets the shaft.

The National Association of Conglomerated Pharmacies has also announced that henceforth all candy bars will be behind the counter, next to the Sudafed.



Amazing. I wonder when they will get rid of the super sized drinks and fries ect.. in fast foods.

Good point Theresa and I agree with ligirl. Actually I think this is a great idea, if you live in hell. Leave my candy bars alone!

You can have my Almond Joy and Three Musketeers when you rip them from my cold, dead hand.

So you buy Hershey's, Cadbury and Nestle. At least until they figure out they can make more PR points, food Nazi points and profit by shrinking everything, too.

As long as they don't mess with my Kit Kat bars, I'll be okay.

Another ploy by "Marketing" (and "Image" has a hand in it, too, I'm sure) to lower the size, thereby raising (not "raisin") the price ...

Now we'll hafta buy TWO (or 16? Does the bag of mini-bars count as "one" or "several"?) in order to get our caloric intake requirement ... and "two" is never as cheap as "one that's bigger" ...

Now that I think of it ... it'll be easier to buy the mini-bar bag ... that way a person could snack all day long -- well, until noonish, ennyway -- and it would prolly be less costly than the six-pack of the "regular ... but SMALLER" bars ...

Snork @ UtheO!

Jeff, you were supposed to say "you can have my King Size caloric Snickers bar when you pry it from my cold, dead stomach!" Or so I'd have thought...

Technical issue: Judy or Dave: Is TypePad working correctly? It cut off part of my comment even though I had it (a quote) properly using hypertexts instructs
and proper closure. Or is it becoming sentinet or a

Just asking...never seen it do that before..???

What a bunch of Goobers.

The Lindt chocolate factory is just down the road from me. Can you say VATS OF CHOCOLATE?! And can you say MENOPAUSAL WOMEN WITH BATTERING RAMS????

I knew that you could.

Why Punkin ... whyever would proximity to chocolate be important to old menopausal women (I live with one, or, more exactly, she allows me to stay in the same domiciliacal structure as whut she's occupyin' @ any given moment -- that's MB(RH?) ... RH? -- and we never ... well, mostly never ... well, less than 10 percent of the time ... have such a compensationary need ...) hafta have a factory outlet near to hand?

*SMACKS O the U, grabs battering ram and goes with Punkin to storm Lindt factory*

Does anyone remember the Chunky bar ? I'll bet the spoil sports killed that one too.

The $100,000 chocolate bar just doesn't go as fare as it used to....

Seriously, "-calories"?

or as far

I prolly deserved that ... but they din't find the two bags of chocolate chips I had hidden in my jacket pocket ...

"Is that a bag of chocolate in yer pocket? HAND IT OVER!"

Why can't you just eat two?
Or would that give the food Nazis the idea of rationing?

I was just in the Dollar Store this afternoon. A standard Crunch bar is 220 calories.

Clankie, I *love* Chunky bars. They still make them.

I love Chunky bars too. In fact I don't think I've ever met a candy bar that I didn't like.

weirdly enough, Mars also owns Uncle Ben's Rice

I wouldn't go that far, cindy - there are a few chocolate bars I can pass by - but add me to the Chunky Support Group.

I get my Chunky at Walgreen's.

But I'm not opposed to the idea of storming the Lindt factory, either.

I think I'll go invent chocolate covered rice. I wouldn't eat it, just invent it.

"Whata chunka chocolate!"

I remember the commercials..."Open wide for Chunky!" ISIANMTU.

NC and Punkin!

I'll bring my Glock.

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