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February 09, 2012


...like edible meat underwear.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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i suppose GaGa already knows about this

Seems like a reasonable place to put one's sausage.


--R. Ray

Does this come in ... is it available in Mesquite?

Dan S., or your Slim Jim.

Just another way to disguise the "brown streak," eh guys?

Frankly, it has to be DIY because it won't sell.

Now, if they had this model in Bacon.....

I see that my link to the "bacon model" has been deleted ...

Yum, bacon.

--H. Simpson

I'm concerned it doesn't have the nutritional label all food is required to have. Calories, vitamins, grams of fat etc.

I think this is borrowed from one of the art classes initiated by that teacher in LA.

Hmmm, in the article it said it was so easy that a caveman could make it. (Funny). Is this a new project since caveman just got done writing a book.

Suddenly I'm hankering for some beef jerky.

I'd be afraid of attracting Big Foot.

I can make these; does anyone want to help me jerk my meat?

In the smoker, dammit!

"Jerked" ... that's perty much similar to "pulled" ... right, Ralph?

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