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February 27, 2012


Drunken elk hides kids' swing set in a tree

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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I saw Inebriated Elk open for Jimmy Buffet.

'Drunken elk are common in Sweden'

Police have released a photo of the perp

Drunken elk opened for ABBA, too.

Why is it all the elk are drunken troublemakers in
Sweden? Is it because they eat fermented apples, or are they part of the squirrel's plan to destroy humanity?

Paging "60 Minutes"...why aren't you investigating?

nursecindy's favorite drunken Scandinavian "elk".

The elk was heard commenting, "Hold my fermented fruit and watch this."

A drunken ëlk bit my sister once.

How typical of elk. You'd never see this sort of thing at the rotary club.

homeowner's new doormat: WELKOME


Or the Knights of Columbus!

Meanwhile in the jungles of Ghana, monkeys who had eaten fermented coffee beans were seen rutting and lighting bottle rockets.

There are drunken elephant attacks in Bangladesh and India sometimes.

Moose should be able to have the same privilege.

DANG!!! Y'all (random' and Mikey) took my LINES!!!

Of course them Nodak Elks are mebbe a bit werse @ this sorta trick than in other areas of the USofA ... and my KC brothers would NEVER steal a swing set ... prolly break it, while merely "havin' a little fun" ... but never would they haul it half a klik into the woods ... mebbe becuz we don't have and "woods" in NOdak ...

Drunken elk, promiscuous yeast ... I sense a pattern arising here. [adjective] [species]. Somebody's running a silly-news bot. Saves paying the reporters.

An "elk" in Scandinavia is what we call a moose. Our elk are just as bad, even when sober; here's a real 2005 memo from Yellowstone National Park :

Fall Bull Elk Rutting Season Reminder

The fall season of bull elk rutting activity is about to start. During this period, it is not uncommon for bull elk to mock fight with many types of household items found in employee’s yards. As a consequence, bull elk often get household items wrapped around their antlers. This can result in bull elk getting tied to each other, or to brush, trees, or other objects. Over the last few years the Bear Management Office and Ungulate Office has had to capture and immobilize bull elk to remove extension cords, clotheslines, shrubbery baskets, leashes, wire, nets, cloth bags, swings, hammocks, coaxial cable, and volleyball nets (complete with poles) from their antlers. During the fall rut, Please make an effort to remove all such items from your yards when not in use.

Bull elk are also much more aggressive towards people and vehicles during the breeding season. Last fall multiple vehicles and two people were gored by bull elk. Please use caution when walking near elk and look around corners before exiting buildings or walking around blind spots.

True. A Norwegian Elk Hound, for example, is actually bred for chasing what we would call moose, which just makes you all the more impressed with the dogs, given that they're not all that big. Feisty, though.

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