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February 29, 2012


Now: A tortilla.

(Thanks to Larry Martell)


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Looks like Cat Stevens.

That's Yusef, now.

Looks suspicious to me ... I don't think that's a tortilla ... I think it's really lefse ...

That's not Jesus or Yusef Islam, it's Charles Manson.

Are we sure it's not the spanish pronunciation of Jesus?

Elon and max, get off the geezer bus...AND MY LAWN!

I'm 25. Yusef preformed on the Colbert Report last year.

But I think it could be one of those bearded presidents. Garfield?

I read about Jesus showing up on a tortilla a year or so ago.
OMG! He's back!
And he's Mexican!

Of course, Jesus is Mexican. I have a friend named Jesus. Almost all Jesi are Latino.

corn or flour?

If you had to ask that question, Cheese, you're not a real Mexican - it's flour. :-P

Jesus has dreads?

Holy guacamole!!

This guy is not alone

Notice how he has quit showing up in Alabama

First day of Lent and already he's so hungry he's seeing Jesus in food....

Fasting apparently causes hallucinations.

I mean, it's not Jesus, it's Yusef, right?

No...I think Bob Marley.

Was it sold at, "Our Lady of Taco Bell?"

Yes, I know, I'm jumping into the handbasket.

I still say it looks more like lefse, so I'd be wary of any lutefisk lurkin' about the premises ...

No doubt God was telling Jesus to get a job, so Jesus
decided to try out branding his own tortilla's...for the "holy gasses outta yo asses"....

God and Jesus have a sense of humor, after all....

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