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February 21, 2012


Nude driver hits 7 cars before stopping for police

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)

Incredibly, this did not happen in Florida. It happened in Hoover, Alabama.


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Hey, I have relatives in Hoover. Dee?

Thank goodness, I read the story...they don't own a grey pickup....

But par for the course. Anywhere you drive in Birmingham is almost as bad as I-95!

And you can forget courtesy. They all seem to think they are NASCAR drivers out to win the Hoover 500.
And half of them have no license or insurance, it seems....

Just saying. But us "northerners" will feel good bout ourselves when we visit B'ham...

That's easily the most exciting thing that's happened in the Birmingham area so far this year.

Should have been driving a Nissan Fig Leaf.

Maybe so Funny, but you can drive from one corner of Birmingham to the other in 20 - 30 minutes on all but the WORST days! I'll take it over Atlanta or Miami (as far as traffic goes) any day!

There were no obvious signs that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time, Coker said. "This could be a medical issue. That's one of the things we're trying to determine," Coker said.

Like the whole naked thing, perhaps?

Well it has been a rather warm winter... I used to live in Hoover, never drove naked but there was a beaver in the pond behind the apartment.

Checking Map. Yep ALA is right next to "Guess the State.?"

Yes, only 5 hours from fun-loving Florida...

I drive in and around Hoover every day, but it wasn't me. I'm a much better driver and my windows are tinted...

How did they know they were looking for a naked man if they didn't know he was naked until after they stopped him?

I once heard a cop assert that PCP made people want to take their clothes off -- whatever the cause, there sure is a lot of nekkid runnin' around goin' on, seems like. And, as has been pointed out here frequently, it's never on the part of people you'd want to see in a condition of nature.

Maybe it was the same guy that was in Walmart the other day.....

Wow. Small blog. I work very near Hoover and drive a gray pickup. Maybe I'll take my shirt off on the way home and see if I can catch a Hoover cop! Your relative wouldn't be Dee Fine would it funny man?

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