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February 28, 2012


Guess the state.


(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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So who's this Asian person, Lae Ping, and is he or she literate? That is the question.


Happy Laep Day tomorrow, y'all!


They are obviously supporters of the Las Angeles Education Partnership (real group).
Either that or somebody's cleaning erasers right now.
Geezer alert!


How about the smell of the papers that just came of the DITTO MACHINE.

Flagging down the geeezer bus.

I used to drive by a public grade school that was named Prairie School. Only for the first few years the sign was spelled Prarie. I still can't believe how many years it took them to fix it.

Mikey, everybody knows it's spelled 'Flardah'.

I went to a school named for a former principal, Mr. Beetle. I spent a lot of the 70's wondering why they had spelled "Beatle" wrong.

Lae Ping happens to be a very fine "English as a Second Language" taecher.

"Is Our Children Literate?"

Doo dah, doo dah!

This is Sprata!!

Only one night to be "literate"?

Priorities, right?

So the moral of the story is...never send a Janitor to do Lea Ping's a principal's job....

They may be talking about Gaelic literacy and the laeping thereto.

Or Greek "The Aeneid"

I bet a Union worker took three hours to create this with a fifteen minute break between letters.


I also see a hurricane route sign next to it. I hope the residents are able to read it during an emergency and take heed.


Oh, yes, Mikey, I remember that smell.
And I remember some of our more adventurous teachers used the Ditto machine a little too much.

Lysdexia is no luaghing mater.

It could have been worse.

Right, Ralph ... an area school re-ordered their letterhead stationery ... yup ... "Pubic" School ... it wuz at least a couple of months before ennybuddy noticed ... ISIANMTU! (I wuz @ the school board meeting when it wuz brought to the attention of the Supt. and Principal ... both of whom had Master's Degrees ...

The worst misspelling I ever spotted on a sign was at a McDonalds advertizing an "EEG MCMUFFIN".

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