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February 27, 2012


...they gave us Angelina Jolie legbombing.

You never know where The Leg will show up next.


(Thanks to Jeff Spotts)


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What is legbombing?

THIS is legbombing

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (@ the ligirl version ... personally, I like Angelina's style better ...)

This morning oin my favorite morning radio show, they
were making fun of Angelin's legs. They said she looked like a stick figure but like here legs were
"when the ink ran out." They also suggested she looked so thin, she could use a wrist scrunchie as a belt.

They should make a lamp out of that thing

Good one, poker.

"Why, it's a major award!"

Mebbe she wuz auditionin' fer the part of the "lamp"?

...butt wait: isn't that a Barry Heinie-bomb?

^not to be confused with a heinie mom

ligirl, that link was cruel and unusual! (but funny...)

That version of the heinie-bomb would be considered a WMD.

I miss the Squirrelizer.

How many of Dave's jokes for Steve Martin were used this year?

Since I have a strange mind - and who among us does not - this reminds me of an old (geezer alert) commercial...

♩ Legs legs legs!
In Nabisco sugar honey graham crackers! ♩

Or, uh, something like that....

Why do her knees look like a sack of gravel?
The rest of her is OK, if you like mentally adventurous women.

At least Dave is drinking real beer...

Yeah, and such a cute hat!

For all the Oscar losers, " Better leg next year " .

Dave looks like he was partying a little last night.

Since when is Heinieskunk beer real beer?

As for the leg-bombing, bombs away!

That's "Mr. Steve Martin" to you, Horace, and to Mrs. Jolie's swizzlestick leg.

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