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February 09, 2012


In the moments after New England’s dreams of Super Bowl glory went down the drain with Tom Brady’s failed last-second Hail Mary toss, toilet use spiked a staggering 13 percent in the city, according to Department of Environmental Protection.

(Thanks to Lani)


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This never happens when the Carolina Panthers play.

Obviously the Noo Yawkers have never heard of that little "portable john" bottle one may use in a car, or other places while sitting down ...

Face it, this was the result of the Giants (Super Bowl WINNER!) dumping on their opponent.

And it will probably happen again next year. The NY dynasty began 4 years ago. See the song "Train Kept a'rolling" for more...

Well there you go: the people have spoken.

A lot of tight ends in the lineup at that point.

I can't help but think it: it is somebody's JOB to know these kinds of things.

*proud to have added my 2 shi cents*

This is the kind of incisive journalism one expects from a Murdoch newspaper. Had the Giants lost I suppose New York fans would have held it in for a few more hours?

Just idiotic reporting.

How many men died in the Sewer Plant Tsunami?
Have you no heart for their suffering?

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