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February 29, 2012


New research indicates that five days after major NASCAR races, there is a measurable increase in traffic accidents caused by aggressive driving.

(Thanks to Gabe)


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Vroom! Vrooom! Bang smash, zam! fun

Ever notice that reckless and wreckless are both homonyms and antonyms?

I'll bet Mr. Language Person did.

Should we expect more fireball explosions on Saturday or Sunday as the Daytona 500 took two days to complete?

Mebbe the fact that these "civilian" (as in: non-professional) drivers neglect to consider that they're in a different circumstance has sumthin' to do with it ... after all, NASCAR has not yet adopted the practice of two-way traffic on the race course ...

And why in God's name is a truck carrying 200 gallons of jet fuel known as a "safety truck?"

I don't drive that way, myself. But I do know people who own cars driven aggressively.

Hmm, major NASCAR races happen on Sunday, and five days after most NASCAR races is Friday. Nope, cannot think of any reason other than NASCAR why the accident rate might jump.

Layzeeboy -- I was thinking the same thing. I was tempted to joke about the manufacturer of the truck, but in some circles there might be more flames than were on the track.

I must confess that I was bump drafting in traffic this morning. I made sure not have make contact in the middle of curves, though.

Boogity Boogity Boogity Let's Go Commuting Boys and Girls!

I would have thought more like nine minutes after the event. Based on my personal historical experience from driving through a mall parking lot immediately after seeing the original "Star Wars" for the first time, maneuvering amongst my fellow starfighters, I suspect that the spectator parking lot after NASCAR events looks more like a Demo Derby.

Isn't the NASCAR anthem a song called "I feel the need for speed"?

And basically, the researcher says we are lemmings, what one does many will follow.

I don't buy it. I never jump off a cliff...but driving off one is fun....

Yes I avoid driving past Talladega after a race at all cost. Nothing scares me like a few thousand drunk rednecks who think they can drive like a nascar driver.

1) Pad, I was the same way driving my Dad & I home from Star Wars through a lane of jersey barriers in downtown DC. Using the Force while Dad was saying, "use the brake".

2)Daytona made me want to run into a jet engine, sure. Actually F1 or Monte Carlo makes me want to take my truck out on a mountain road. I love NASCAR, but it is mostly circles.

I heard this on the radio and said to myself, "how many minutes before this shows up on Dave's blog?" The answer, as it turns out, was, "not many."

I find NASCAR to be about as exciting as televised golf or GOP primary debates, but I do confess to twisting the throttle a bit more enthusiastically after watching Fogarty in World Superbike, back in the 1990's. What a guy.

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