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February 29, 2012


Man arrested, accused of punching police horse

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who asks you to guess the state)

Correction: Apparently the late Alex Karras is still alive. We apologize, and request that he please not punch us.


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Dave? Alex Karras is still alive so he very well could be involved. Unless you meant 'late' as in tardy.

thanks --- blazing saddles is my favoritest movie of all time.

*gives queensbee a laurel and hearty handshake*
It's my favorite too.

The horse was asking for it. He did a really lame impression of Mister Ed, and told "Wilbur" to kiss his ass. "Wilbur" was tired of being sassed by a horse, of course.

"Mongo just pawn in game of life."

--A. Karras (not dead)

I went for a walk yesterday on the farm and was surrounded by a herd of 8 horses wanting carrots. Unfortunately, I hadn't brought any.
I can't imagine punching one of those animals.
It would kill you. Have you SEEN a horse up close?

Exactly, Steve. I've had them step on my foot - fortunately I had on steel-toed boots at the time.

Jeff, Steve ... I've had horses step on my feet without the protectiveness of steel-toed footwear ... actually, that maneuver by equine tonnage is their way of showin' affection ... or mebbe it's to trap a person who doesn't carry treats in their pockets ...

Or ... mebbe merely a way to teach us to be careful of where we place our appendages ... horses are kinda like female-type-gender folks that way ...

Not interweb-savvy, me; someone please post a link to the appropriate YouTube clip?

Do you mean this?

Spiny' ... I'm perty sure that's the one to which Dmentd quz referrin' ...

Still a classic bit of comedy ...

I had an employee who punched a horse in order to save her dog, which (whom?) the horse was attacking. Knocked the horse down, too -- she was a big person.

She also told the following story on herself: she had an aggressive rooster on the premises who would attack her in the head as she bent over to climb through the fence. So she took to wearing a motorcycle helmet. Guess where the rooster attacked her the next time she bent over to climb through the fence. It wasn't in the head.

Ouchie! Betty White supposedly said that region can take a poundin' ... wonder how well it takes a pecker ... merely curious ...

Mongo only pawn in game of life.

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