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February 28, 2012


Weird 'dog-headed pig monster' terrorizes Africa

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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"We don't have a forest here, only bushes. So, this must be black magic at play."

Of course it is. Only a matter of time before some innocent woman is burned as a witch.

Isn't ignorance funny?

*sorry - haven't had my "make me hilarious" caffeine yet.

Why call it "weird"? It might be a perfectly normal dog-headed pig monster.

..."some locals have taken extra safety precautions, such as traveling in groups and arming themselves with weapons."

I'm sorry, but in a place where there are LIONS, wouldn't this be standard practice?

Of course, they're not dog headed pig lions...

"We don't have a forest here, only bushes."

George H., George W., Jeb, etc. This was Texas, wasn't it?


Wondered where my ex mother-in-law took her vacations.

Has anybody located Al Gore?

Forget Charlie Sheen. Sounds more like Lady Gaga

The animal is said to be mostly white and unlike anything the villagers have ever seen, with a doglike head and the broad, round, nearly hairless back and shoulders of a giant pig.

It could also be Newt, whose very name is, in some circles, associated with black magic....

So, do you teach it to play fetch or eat it?

and, shoddy reporting, no pictures

O'er the ham parts we watched....

Speaking of pih-headed dog monsters, Santorum lost in Michigan, by a few percentage points.

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