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February 29, 2012


...for the Grave-Disturbing Badgers.

(Thanks to Jeff from Pittsburgh)


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Seriously, not a joke (or particularly funny, but it was fascinating), we once stayed at a hotel in southern England called something like the Badger Inn. The big activity was watching the badgers come out at night and frolic (not that badgers are all the frolicsome) on the hotel's back lawn.

You had to be there I guess.

Those Wisconsin people just go too far sometimes...

The badger act sounds like part of a really lousy play.

Badgers? We don' need no badgers. I don' have to show you no stinkin badgers.

Everyone harshes the badgers' shred!

I feel a song coming on. Need help.

Folks in Gallup, NM wuz havin' similar-type problems with prairie dogs a few years ago ... IIRC, they wuz gonna try explodin' propane in their burrows ... wuz that here on the DBB? Whutever ... seems as if that'd be kinda disturbin' to the permanent residents ...

Badgers huh? That's fit's in well with the intelligence we have on the tree rats, they contracted with some badgers as part of their squirrel-controlled-human-robot-suit project. According to a source close to the project the nut-smugglers have made a breakthrough recently in realistic skin. The bushy-tails are obviously having the badgers dig up skin from corpses for their human-robot suits.
No that's just crazy, I must need my medication.
Are those my meds?
Thank you, nurse.
What a peculiar perfume you're wearing nurse, what is it, acorn with a hint of formaldehyde...

Somebody sic the badgers on that Chump.

"Licenses to remove badgers are only granted in exceptional circumstances."
As screwed up as things are in this country at least we don't need a license to remove a very viscous little creature.
My license is a Mossberg 500, 12 gauge.

Wasn't James Bond licensed to move badgers?

My Aunt Madelyn could have given them pause.
But we had her cremated and that seemed to take most of the fight out of her.

More suspects have cropped up: http://www.virtualmanager.com/clubs/762408

This story was both grave and disturbing.

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