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February 21, 2012


"Mr. Arnold advised that (the woman) told him to kiss her (buttocks), at which time he told her to (fellate him)," the affidavit states.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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The phrase "kiss my (buttocks)" generally is not considered a term of endearment. A variation -- "Kiss my grits" -- gained notoriety as a signature insult made by Flo, a waitress played by Polly Holliday in the TV sitcom, "Alice," which ran from 1976 to 1985.

Who says journalism is dead?

"disparaging female genitalia reference" wbagnfa ... um ... wait ... it already has a name ... several, in fact ... nevermind ...

*Thinkin' this reporter prolly went to the Expletive Deleted School of Journalism ...*

There ain't no justice...

Downright disgraceful. Neither one of them thought to say "Please".

he was cukoo for her coco puffs

uh, hey, yeah, that's just a greeting in nyc.

Investigators "assisted" Arnold to the ground. Arnold is accused of punching a corporal who was "assisting" him to the ground.

Bwahahahahaha! Excellent.

As an aside I have seen a lot of clearly non-handicapped drivers (usually with handicap thingies hanging from the rear view mirror) parked in handicap spaces down here in South Florida, including some in Jaguars and Corvettes. Clearly, whoever in their family earned the right to park that way, it wasn't them, so I'm with Arnold.

Not to argufy too loudly, Jeff ... but ... I know sum folks who ARE qualified fer the wheelchair sign, but don't actually LOOK like it when first observed ... sum might have diabetes, heart condition ... whutever ... and so on ...

Merely sayin' that SOME of them with the mirror-hangy-dealie MIGHT actually be GENUINELY qualified to have one, even if they don't "appear" to be "handicapped" ... or ... mebbe they've got a doctor who's willin' to sign off on it ... whutever ...

I used to drive with a person who did not appear handicapped but was actually visually impaired and arthritic. You can't always tell by looking.

And I thought Flo's trademark saying was "Kiss My Grits" not her ass.

but she could handle Mel and could "handle" Arnold too.

Jeff, it is because they believe "let them crawl", which makes them morally crippled and thus deserving of handicapped parking.

Foreplay wordplay.


They have a reading disability.

On the other hand,

When I was going through Chemo, I had a temporary tag because I couldn't walk for long distances without getting fatigued.

BUT, once I was back to my old mean self I dropped the tag and let it expire.

Did Ed Asner play Mel? or am I just confused because of the guy's mug shot?

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