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February 28, 2012


Waiter spills beer on German Chancellor

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"The waiter, identified only as Martin D, 21"
will also be known as prisoner 24609.

Send him to the Eastern Front.

My God! What a waste of good beer!

Beer is good for your hair, makes it soft.

Everybody seems to have handled it with grace.
We ran into a waitress on her first day on the job in Gatlinburg once.
She messed up our orders, spilled coffee on the table and in my lap, and was scared to death. She kept calling us "You-uns".
But she was trying as hard as she could.
We told her that everybody has a first day. Then we left her a big tip.
I have no idea how it turned out for her but I hope she made it in whatever she did.

How many Octoberfests has this woman been to by now? I'm thinking this isn't the first or even the second time she's had beer spilled on her.

"The late Martin D..."

He's now been reassigned to the gas chambers ovens.

Just asking if...it was Clouseau in disguise?
Or Maxwell Smart?

Clumsy Waiter will not be performing anytime soon..

Looked like it was "lite" beer--no real harm done.

I would make a snarky comment but I admire F. Merkel's composure too much. I wish I expected my political leaders to be as relaxed if something similar happened to them.

Ha ha... I initially read that as "WALTER spills beer on German Chancellor".

The waiter article was much less interesting.

It wasn't the waiter's fault; the tray was bumped. He needs to take lessons from Sacha Baron Cohen on how to spill things properly on celebrities.

*SNORK* @ Punkin!

'Who am I....?'

love it!

you DID mean '24601', didn't you?

That's how I read it too.

As they dragged him away the waiter was heard to shout, "I am Jean Valjean!"

24601 was taken....had to go with 24609.

Steve - I've been there. She's still runninhg the same scam.

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