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February 28, 2012


Officials: Gas Smell Originates In N.J.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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That's crude...whoever is responsible, take Beano next time...



I frequently drive between Maine & Baltimore and I can tell with my eyes closed when we enter New Jersey.

I can't believe we made it this far in the posts without a single mention of Jersey Shore.

Goes without saying, wingnut

Be careful driving with your eyes closed, Punkin.

New Jersey complains bitterly; points at Pennsylvania.

So, do you roll down the windows to let it out?
Or roll up the windows to keep it out?

The worst is driving accross the Ben Franklin Bridge from Philly into Camden. Believe it or not, the source is the Campbell's Soup factory.

mud, Meanie, and Edgar have passed out from self-inflicted fumes.

too much cabbage and broccoli.

I'm offended! New Jersey is the home state of many fine, non-gaseous people! Danny Devito, Barney Frank, Allen Ginsberg, John Travolta...

my peeps

JSG, I must disagree. Barney Frank is definitely gaseous, as are all windbags.

How about Chris Christie, JSG?

Ih dake deep offenth ad thethe inthinuationth.

*inhales desperately from oxygen mask*

nc, I'm worried about Christie. He looks pretty solid, but I suspect there's a lot of liquid there. Not sure about the rest. If there's a lot of hydrogen or helium, he might just float away.

So is the garden in "The Garden State" growing only beans, cabbage & broccoli?

Yes, Layzeeboy, a lot of food plants don't smell like the finished product.
The exception seems to be bakeries and the plants that make cookies.
Can you imagine being right beside a vat containing hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookie filling? I can smell it now.

Steve ... when I werked in SoCal, one rail went past the Farmer Bros. coffee "factory" ... that smelled exactly like a REALLY huge cup of GREAT coffee ... merely sayin' ...

I'm worried about Chris Christie too, but it has more to do with him looking like an enforcer for the teamsters.

I heard the whole state is blaming the dog for the emanations.

I saw Dog Emanations open for Rock Bottom Remainders.

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