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February 29, 2012


Cancel them.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I thought this was going to be about asteroid bears that are keeping us under surveillance. That would have been exciting.

Does this mean we're also going to be bombarded with more movies like Deep Impact and Armaggedon?

Great. Just great. I was looking at retiring on 12/31/2039. At least I'll get ten years out of my first pension.

"None of them wanna pay taxes again. Ever."

The asteroid can arrange that!

guess they will need lots of prep H.


(me, too, Lady Peter *S*)

I plan to be cremated by that time.
Which may come in handy.

Asteroid Bears wbagnfarb.

Bad Editor strikes again! This is not news. Now, a story about an asteroid watching bears has more human animal interest.

Asteroids like hemorrhoids are old news, slightly annoying, but not exciting. But watch them watch, and you've got cable TV printable news! People would want to know, why are they watching bears? Did Yogi do a Boo-Boo? You know it approaches the quality of news that we usually find in quality journals like the Weekly World News, present paper (Miami Herald) notwithstanding.

Maybe it'll land on the LA museum. I hear they love big rocks.

I, for one, am gonna put on my tinfoil hat so those darn asteroid bears don't see me.

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