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February 29, 2012


'Dead' woman climbs out of coffin

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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...and a Chicago voter registration card.

Amazing, an artificial death? What about an artificial life? I opting for real.

Someone needs to teach those people how to take a pulse.

O/T, but extremely disturbing...SNOOKIE IS PREGNANT!


Noooooooooo Punkin! Say it isn't so!

I'm glad someone else posted the news. Apparently she's about 3 months along.
Snooki, that is. Not the Chinese woman.

*calling Child Services now*

It's never too early for an intervention.

How is she going to fit in Gym, Tan, Laundry,Breast Feeding?

Been there, done that. Only I was just covered with a sheet waiting for the pick up.
All I could figure later was that amateurs, even several, are so reluctant to touch a "dead" body, they miss the pulse they feel for.
The woman staying with my body peed when I spoke up to ask where I was. That was somewhat amusing in an otherwise down day.
Of course, being alive helped.

As long as she didn't pee on you, Steve, it's all good. Or have a heart attack.

Why are we talking about Snooki again when there are important stories in the world...like Cher's new tour?

Snork @ Jeff. I keep hoping she'll bring back Sonny, even if he is a Corpse zombie. For the old geezers who enjoyed their harmony.

I wonder if her family had stopped fighting for her stuff yet? I'm just saying'...
I've seen families argue over stuff before their loved one's body was cold at the hospital.

So true Girlogic. I saw an entire family divide their mom's things up while standing beside her bed waiting for her to die. I told them to watch what they were saying since the sense of hearing is generally the last thing to go. Not surprisingly the mom got better and, as far as I know, is still alive and well.

"After waking up, I felt so hungry, and wanted to cook something to eat. "

Something to eat? Like Braaaaaiiiins?

While the Post's source suggests Snooki is trying to parlay the pregnancy into lucrative marketing deals,"

See Cindy, there is nthing to worry about. Snooky knows all about what to do with babies.

"artificial death" ...

Sheesh ... the Asians have even learned how to fake that ... prolly be on sale @ Waldo's next week ...

Cindy, after my mother entered the nursing home and it became community knowledge that her place was empty, we decided it was time to divide her stuff. This was not greed. It was admission that she would never return.
My sisters and I agreed that the first rule was that nothing was worth a family fighting over.
Our second rule was that it was us, only. No spouses.
We still are close even though hundreds or thousands of miles separate us.
No material thing is worth breaking apart a family.

Chen has some 'splainin' to do, fer sure.

Glad that werked fer y'all, Steve ... I've seen a lot werse ... and also mentioned in more than one conversation that "there are sum advantages to bein' an only child" ...

China might as well corner the market on artificial death-- they're buying up everything else.

That's why we westerners embalm corpses - if you ain't dead before being embalmed you are after.

Same with cremation, max. It's a pretty sure bet even for zombies and vampires.

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