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February 09, 2012


Why do people dress up their pets?


(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Uh oh (hides Puppies in cute outfits!)

"Hello Kitty" is waiting for the perfect opportunity to scratch her eyes out.

...just sayin'

*wrong. just wrong*

I once had a cat that liked modeling the hats I had for him. He new that he was cute and wanted me to take his picture. Now the cats I have right now don't like it so I never put any on them. I have quite a collection of hats though.

cats are smart, and will rise up in the night to 'fix' the situation. be alert. because we need more lerts.
on another note... stay awake.

Did I read that article wrong, or did it ask a question and answer it with, paraphrased, "Beats the he!! out of us."?

I'm with Coconuts: I want to see kitty scratch her face off.


Little Red Puss N Hood looks like she is saying:
If you were my size, I'd take you out and swallow you

"Don't 'Hello Kitty' Me! I'll kill ya for this!!!"

Too many "pet" owners, tryin' to be TFC ... merely sayin' ...

Some day we'll all wake up in silly outfits the cats have put on us while we were asleep. It won't be pretty.

So THAT's who's been doing it! But wait -- we don't have cats anymore, and I always wake up before the dog does. Maybe it's the squirrels.

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