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February 23, 2012


A Nebraska woman is auctioning a McDonald's Chicken McNugget that she believes resembles President George Washington.

(Thanks to funny man)


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I'd say more Rutherford B. Hayes.

I thought it looked like this guy. I could be wrong. I promise this is NOT a picture of B.M.

BVM isn't going to like this.

I cannot tell a lie: I did not father our country.

If it's on ice, is it "crossing the Delaware"?

I want to know: Can you find/collect all 43 presidents on/as chicken mcnuggets? McDonalds should sell the whole sets...

I can see the resemblance. And since it's a McNugget and not actual food, it'll probably never deteriorate, so it could be a good investment.

Parts is parts.

Jesus? Is that you?

Paging Donner ... Donner, party of six ...

(and if y'all catch that one, yer as weird ... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera ... )

Did you see see the British puppets on Spitting Image? It's their version of Prince Charles.

Her children didn't eat the chicken and she was about to toss it

That's odd. I usually toss it it when I do eat those nasty things.

"I knew George Washington, and you're no George Washington."

And just as a note of comparative linguistics, the verb "to toss" is not exclusively a synonym for "to discard." It also has a meaning, in English as She Is Spoke in the UK, quite different and more rude. Just sayin'.

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